Sunday, January 1, 2017

Migo's comic collection episode 1: Supreme meets the Condiment Cannon

Welcome to my new comic rundown where we grab something random out of what’s been gathering dust in my comic collection and shine a light on what was both awesome and confusing in each issue.
Today we flip through Image’s Supreme #3 from June 1993 and can the team from Bloodstrike manage to topple the unstoppable Nazi fighting juggernaut with the fondness for burning heads from the inside?

More than likely not... but let’s take a look shall we?

On the left of the front cover is the guy who the comic belongs to, Supreme, obviously not impressed that Bloodstrike have brought him a couple of people to play with and their heads have either spontaneously combusted or started to bleed. From the right you have Shogun the mobile battle platform carrying more hardware than your local tool shop, Cabbot in the middle racing in on an invisible horse and Deadlock rounding out the team picking up a couple of coins someone left on the ground.
You want both barrels for an extra dollar?

Notice the heat Cabbot is packing? Not only does it have both laser sight and a torch (well I’m assuming that’s what they are, unless it somehow shoots mustard and tomato sauce) but it also has nowhere for any projectiles to fly out! Or maybe that’s the sight for the mustard/sauce hand cannon and since Cabbot is squinting we can only assume his eye sight is terrible and he needs the biggest gun sight on the market. From now on it shall be named ‘the condiment cannon.’ Take that, enemy hotdogs of the nation!


Terrorists have taken over the world's biggest airport somewhere both teams of Bloodstrike and Heavy Mettle turn up to get into a pissing match over who should actually go in there and save the day. Man mountain Supreme then shows up in a grumpy mood and vaporizes the bad guys before angrily hurling himself into space to yell at some kind of giant alien.



Meet Temple, the chain smoking government official who gives a total of zero shits about anything. Rules against smoking in the workplace? Doesn’t fly with him. Dress code? Not for this high flyer who has chosen an obvious crushed velvet suit to swan around in while discussing both Supreme and Hitler. 

He can’t even be bothered putting his smoke down to either talk or hand out business cards from his stylist. Wait, you thought that look was from a self made man? Hello no, he’s obvious been styled by Pimps Incorporated, purveyors of the Suit-robe.

Government Fresh


Answer da phone mon!

Not content with having a Siri voiced wrist communication strapped to his arm, Riot has downloaded a Jamaican theme for it. While it’s not shown in this comic, apparently it yells out ‘Ay! You’ve got some mail mon!’ when it receives an email.



It seems part of the uniform for non-descript limo drivers at the airport are the same pair of sun glasses no matter what facial features you have. And which airport in the world has a staggering 73 gates?? It'd take you 3 days to get from one side of it to the other!


Oh baby!

Oh that Supreme’s ‘O’ face? He looks surprisingly content for a guy wading through a wave of bullets. Or maybe that’s his ‘thing’ getting shot at and letting off steam by blowing up people’s heads. Maybe when he’s finished he could grab a spare smoke off Temple..


You won't get far with those boys..

So some badly suited bad guys have taken over the airport and seem to have done it with some painted Nerf guns. While probably explains while they all end up in bits and pieces only a few panels later after Supreme gets irritated getting Nerfed so many times on the way to picking up his luggage. If they brought some real weapons (and not anything that fires toy darts) they might have actually gotten somewhere.


So far we’ve seen angry faced Supreme and then ‘I’m going to need a tissue in a sec the way I’m being Nerfed here’ Supreme but can anyone explain what this look is?

Supreme Smash!!

Someone took my car space at work Supreme? Someone actually shot me with a real bullet Supreme? Cabbot won’t let me have a go of his Condiment Cannon Supreme? Help me out here, I would have thought being able to fly in space would be something worth smiling about.


Who are you??

Who (or more importantly, what) the hell is Menagerie? He appears in a couple of panels of this comic as one of the members of the group ‘Heavy Mettle’ and as far as I can tell he’s either a buffed up Iceman covered in sticky lemonade and consequently an anthills worth of ants or a walking talking TV test pattern. That’s all we know of this guy apart from the fact that he’s completely nude. And if that’s the case, I really don’t want to know where he’s hidden his actual ‘menagerie’..

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