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I'm the guy who made the mini hot dogs..

I'm off to a wedding next month where I think I'm a groomsman. Or maybe the MC. Actually it might be both. Come back next week and I might also be the groom and the catering crew.

The adventures of a (potential) Bytecoin Billionaire

I'm dipping my toe into the raging lake that is Cryptocurrency because I'm always late to any bandwagon party and now's a good a time as any to confuse everyone I work with by telling them of my mining activities without a single gold seam or pick axe handy.

Confused? Me too. But it won't matter when I'm filthy stinking rich will it?

I'll give you five for the lot - adventures with a car boot sale.

The alarm went off at 4:45am. Hideous timing for a Sunday morning for sure but as they say, the early bird gets to get to setup for a car boot sale early, or something.
And that's where we found ourselves, ready to make a vast fortune by offloading a lot of our unwanted junk.

Great idea in theory, I just didn't expect to end up reaching for the degreaser and Solvo soap at the end of it..

Meet my minor nemesis: Grass

So recently I've been sneezing like an out of control shotgun. And whoever came up with the theory that a sneeze is one tenth of an orgasm is obviously an idiot because after 12 in a row I really don't feel really amazing and ready for a deep sleep. Quite the opposite.
A recent doctors visit netted me more medication for my mild asthma, some steroids for my gattling-gun like sneeze blasts and a fun blood test to see if I was allergic to anything. I highlight the fun part because I almost passed out after it complete with blurred vision and loss of hearing for a couple of minutes. Glorious.

But the tests came back and this morning I returned to the Doc's to find out what's potentially making me drown the world in tsunami like sneezes (well not currently, the steroids seem to be doing a great job.)
It turns out that while I'm not allergic to much, my blood has a slight irritation to grass...

Well there goes the Mist...

Just as I was getting into it....for all the wrong reasons.

Transformers: The last Knight. Can we make this the last one, please?

Imagine a shiny new Lamborghini that was completely gutted on the inside with everything taken out and then had an ancient sewerage processing facility installed in its place.
This is a very apt description of Transformers: The Last Knight - you're impressed by the box but honestly deep down you know that this film is going to be chock a block full of turds..

Bare with me as we wade through this incredible mess...