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30 day diary of newbie intermittent fasting..

So in what is going to be possibly the longest post I've ever written here at Almigo's Adventures, I tried intermittent fasting for thirty days and I took notes (while attempting to swerve away from distractions and temptations along the way) while I potentially shrank.

The last time I had anything to do with controlling my eating? Well it was a radio competition involving pretty tasteless powdered shakes and I really couldn't wait for it to end. 

So this was a doddle, right? 

Look at me, I'm casting and vlogging all over the shop...

Casting and vlogging? Is that some kind of weird medieval ritual involving making implements out of metal and then flogging vandals with it? Not even close...

I'm so confused about this Facebook ad

So I was just surfing through Facebook marketplace this morning on the hunt for some Xbox One bargains (mine arrives very soon) and I came across an ad for a pair of lounges that really stands a truly confusing way.

Not this couch, I just put this up here in case you forgot what one looks like..

Now taking questions for a Gentleman called Jack...

Ello there you 'orrible lot. Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Gentleman Jack - adventurer, pugilist and honest to god man of all seasons. I'm here to answer your terrible questions and provide some life changing advice that will hopefully lodge a rod back into your spine and make you stand tall for the empire. God bless it and the Queen if she's reading. Anyway, onwards with your ill thought out queries...

Thanks for this unwanted mountain Youtube..

Okay so it wasn't millions I was making. Or thousands. Or even hundreds. Sigh, let's be honest here, with YouTube I'm lucky to pull in anything more than a couple of bucks from my car video related shenanigans.

But now come Feb 20 that tiny trickle will come to a complete stop on account of not having 1000 subscribers (I have 37 at last count) or 4000 hours of watched material over the last year (I got close to about 25% of that...)

Ffs Youtube, could you please stop moving the goalposts even further away every time I turn to craft a video in order to score a buck or two?

So I think I'm becoming Old Bill..

Thanks to an influx of British cop dramas both in book and DVD format, I think I'm slowly morphing into a officer of the fine blue British line..

The 2018 New brew you. With fangs.

Happy new year and I bid you welcome to 2018. Here's hoping that this new set of 365 days is full of beer brewing, murderous rampaging vampires and crowds of people who gasp when you take off your shirt.

Cos that's how I plan to spend this new year...