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The 2018 New brew you. With fangs.

Happy new year and I bid you welcome to 2018. Here's hoping that this new set of 365 days is full of beer brewing, murderous rampaging vampires and crowds of people who gasp when you take off your shirt.

Cos that's how I plan to spend this new year...

I'm the guy who made the mini hot dogs..

I'm off to a wedding next month where I think I'm a groomsman. Or maybe the MC. Actually it might be both. Come back next week and I might also be the groom and the catering crew.

The adventures of a (potential) Bytecoin Billionaire

I'm dipping my toe into the raging lake that is Cryptocurrency because I'm always late to any bandwagon party and now's a good a time as any to confuse everyone I work with by telling them of my mining activities without a single gold seam or pick axe handy.

Confused? Me too. But it won't matter when I'm filthy stinking rich will it?

I'll give you five for the lot - adventures with a car boot sale.

The alarm went off at 4:45am. Hideous timing for a Sunday morning for sure but as they say, the early bird gets to get to setup for a car boot sale early, or something.
And that's where we found ourselves, ready to make a vast fortune by offloading a lot of our unwanted junk.

Great idea in theory, I just didn't expect to end up reaching for the degreaser and Solvo soap at the end of it..

Meet my minor nemesis: Grass

So recently I've been sneezing like an out of control shotgun. And whoever came up with the theory that a sneeze is one tenth of an orgasm is obviously an idiot because after 12 in a row I really don't feel really amazing and ready for a deep sleep. Quite the opposite.
A recent doctors visit netted me more medication for my mild asthma, some steroids for my gattling-gun like sneeze blasts and a fun blood test to see if I was allergic to anything. I highlight the fun part because I almost passed out after it complete with blurred vision and loss of hearing for a couple of minutes. Glorious.

But the tests came back and this morning I returned to the Doc's to find out what's potentially making me drown the world in tsunami like sneezes (well not currently, the steroids seem to be doing a great job.)
It turns out that while I'm not allergic to much, my blood has a slight irritation to grass...

Well there goes the Mist...

Just as I was getting into it....for all the wrong reasons.